Antiquing is Recycling at its Best:

How many times have you purchased home furnishings from a “Big Box” store and experienced a feeling of disappointment as you unpacked boxes of furniture “parts” made of particle board and plastic, all bearing labels saying “Made Somewhere in Asia.” 

In less than 15 years, these purchases will probably become landfill material, and plastic will never acquire a lustrous patina.

Contrast that scenario to furnishing your home with quality products made for America’s finest homes in an era when quality materials and craftsmanship were the norm.  Often you can acquire antique furnishings that do not depreciate for the same price you would pay for that box of unassembled furniture parts.

Why not furnish your home with articles your children and grandchildren will cherish

Go green with antiques.

So come and buy.  You will have a great story about how you acquired unique articles at a bargain price.  And telling that story is half the fun of collecting.

Clean and Spacious:

Many guests comment on the excellent lighting, wide aisles and clean surroundings of our Mall.

Some of our most dependable repeat customers are antiques dealers who always leave Riverside Mill with fresh inventory for their upscale shops.  Come join the hunt for bargains and overlooked treasures.

Open Daily 10-6


Antiques and Collectibles:

Gleaming 20,000 sq. ft. Antiques Mall, with North Carolina prices on collectibles, furniture and furnishings. Everything is clean and bright.  All on ground level, climate controlled, wide aisles, clean and spacious restrooms, helpful staff.  Antique treasures in a lovingly restored antique building.  Shipping available. 

Come see what our dealers have found:

Antiques and collectibles are more affordable these days.  We have dealers who are scouring estate sales, church bazaars, junk shops and auctions in this historic region to assemble treasures to offer to you in our Antiques Mall.  They do the legwork to find tremendous bargains so you can make your selections in the comfort and beauty of Riverside Mill.  They scout out the region and drive from place to place so you can make a single stop and find a vast selection.

We also have dealers that are selling out their lifetime collections through booths at Riverside Mill.  In some cases, attics and outbuildings are being mined to raise necessary cash, making this a true “Buyer’s Market.”

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